RapidFort User Interface


The RapidFort User Interface (accessible from a web browser) enables you, as a user, to view important information such as Vulnerabilities, Attack Surfaces, Packages, Files, System Calls, and Network traffic for all the images stubbed and hardened by you.
In addition, it allows you to share your Images with others, get a predicted reduction of Attack surface and Vulnerabilities for your non-hardened images as well as export Software BOM (SBOM) and Real BOM (RBOM) for your images.

Elements of the User Interface

Fig 1. Home Page
  1. 1.
    Toggle between Summaries for Hardened and Unhardened Images
  2. 2.
    Summarized info' of total Vulnerabilities removed and Attack Surface reduced
  3. 3.
    Toggle between Daytime and Night mode
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Profile & Settings Information
  6. 6.
    Collapse Sidebar
  7. 7.
    My Images - See either one of All, Shared, Archived & Starred/Favorite Images
  8. 8.
    Filter Images by OS Type, App Type
  9. 9.
    List of your Images with Status
  10. 10.
    Filter Images by Workload Tag
  11. 11.
    Add Image to your Favorites
  12. 12.
    Archive, Export SBOM & RBOM

View Vulnerabilities in an Image

From the UI home page (Element 9), select/click on the Image of interest to see the following details page where all Vulnerabilities present in the Image are listed along with the reduced numbers in the hardened image
Fig 2. Details Page
13. Archive, Star or Share Image
14. Toggle between information for Original Image and Hardened Image
To see a detailed information about a Vulnerability, click on it to see description, source and severity rating
To view a list of Packages, Files or Traffic info' in the Original Image or Hardened Image, click on the appropriate item on the sidebar, from the Details page of the UI

Share, Archive or Add Image to Favorites

Any Image can be Shared, Archived or Starred either from the Home page or the Details page.

From Home Page:

To share or archive an Image, click on the "bread crumbs" (element 12 on Home Page) for the Image of interest. Select either Share or Archive from the Menu.

From Details Page:

From the Upper right corner on the Details page ( element 13), click on the appropriate icon to share, archive or add to favorites.
To export the SBOM or RBOM, click on the "Share" Icon
(element 13) from the Details Page. Select either SBOM or RBOM from the drop down Menu