Welcome to RapidFort

Optimize and secure your containers in minutes with RapidFort


With RapidFort you will gain the freedom to design and build software quickly while deploying optimized and secure applications.
  • Use the best components for your design
  • Build small, fully optimized workloads with minimal attack surfaces
  • Prioritize your resources efficiently for addressing security risks
RapidFort consists of a server and client.

RapidFort Server

The RapidFort server is available as SaaS and On-Premises solutions.

Multi-Tenant SaaS Subscription

Install the RapidFort Command Line Interface (CLI) tools on your client system and verify connectivity to the RapidFort SaaS Server.

On-Premises Solution

Deploy RapidFort within your private cloud and install the RapidFort Command Line Interface (CLI) tools on your client system.

RapidFort Client

The RapidFort client consists of a set of Command Line Interface (CLI) tools and a browser based user interface.

Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools

Stub, harden, and scan your images.

User Interface

View your RapidFort images, packages, vulnerabilities, and other information.

How It Works

Stub: Create a stub for your container. The stub behaves like your container and contains the necessary dependencies for RapidFort to build a runtime profile. When you create a stub for your container, RapidFort will also scan the original container for vulnerabilities and estimate the risk reduction opportunity if you harden the container.
Test: Instead of running and testing your original container, run and test the stub. RapidFort builds a runtime profile of your container while it is running.
Harden: Create a hardened version of your container. RapidFort analyzes your container's runtime profile and creates a fully optimized, compact version of your container.
View Results: View the results in the RapidFort UI. See the attack surface optimization and known vulnerabilities in your container before and after hardening, evaluate the risks of all remaining known vulnerabilities, and get insights about the runtime behavior of your container.
Build/Release Workflow with RapidFort
You can incorporate continuous hardening in your CI/CD pipelines with the RapidFort CLI tools with minimal effort, and you can slice and dice the reports with the RapidFort UI.
You can stub, test, and harden multiple containers at the same time. With RapidFort, you can harden your entire system of containerized applications in one go!
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